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@manojsinhabjp Sir, My advocate sent RI459835916IN a notice 2 a builder Retrnd undlvrd. Tried Bluedart, same result. Receiver influence?
@BlueDartTweets Issue is whenever any parcel is coming vid bluedart, local office provides worst service. Thank You
@singlaankur50 @DTDCIndia Ankur choose Bluedart next time they'll charge the same amount but will deliver in no time..I'm done with dtdc
@Paytmcare Return Courier charge is 350/- by BLUEDART while you refund only 200/-max. I request you customer support action.
@rewanshjain through BlueDart courier via AWB number: 33890407261 yesterday. You should be receiving the same shortly. (2/3)
@BlueDartTweets Have to request most sites not to send it through bluedart, as the service is just horrific, if you doubt me, try calling #5
@BlueDartTweets Lat week deliveries were made to my college by bluedart and was informed more staff was taken up, now it says OOFDA #4
#bluedart courier service in Jalgaon, Maharashtra is very poor. they are interested in returning the shipment.
#bluedart service is extremely poor in Jalgaon, Maharashtra
RT @akshaan_11: How unprofessional the blue dart courier service is #bluedart
.@bluedart is by far the worst courier company in India. They have the rudest and most arrogant employees!
This is the delivery plan #Bluedart in India wants customers to "use". God bless me! #techpains #maps
Bluedart returned for want of landmark in address. Why didn't they phone me? Why did they book without checking for essential details?
#bluedart #bluedart very unprofessional service i have come across. Please stop this
How unprofessional the blue dart courier service is #bluedart
BLUEDART- Investment idea $BLUEDART
@doshisejal Hi, we have dispatched the list of documents through bluedart airway bill number: 33869722003. (1/2)
@himanshu_1381 Your handset has been dispatched from our side - Bluedart 69537372240 - 22-02-2017 04:36 PM. - Sagar (Team OneAssist)
@akhileshghildiy Hi, we have forwarded the list of documents through bluedart courier via AWB number: 33890424934 (1/3)
@prisharma25 I had to catch a flight in the evening & concert ticket ws sent via Bluedart,in the evening del boy told he left for d day.

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